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Co-founders & CEOs


about smize lash &co


Smize Lash & Company is a Toronto-based brand which was founded by two ambitious women by the names of Zuri Brown and Vee Rudder, circa January 2020. 


We believe in accentuating and celebrating the beauty of every smize (assume a playful or alluring expression of the eyes). We strive to provide luxury quality mink & silk lashes while supporting healthy lash care. 


Smize Lash & Company’s premium lash collection consists of diverse and exclusive styles ranging from length, volume, and drama. 


Every lash is ethically sourced to ensure high quality while encouraging sustainability by implementing recyclable packing and producing specific products locally. All lashes are handmade using naturally shedded repurposed mink hair. Additionally our, silk lashes come from the cocoons of the silkworm, the same fibres that can be manufactured into a thread and used to create high-end silk fabrics.


Mink and silk fibres are the best options to mimic natural lash hairs, while ensuring comfortability and added lash boost!

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about Zuri

A creative, enterprising and a versatile designer that can combine imaginative and artistic abilities with an organized and professional approach. Zuri Brown has an extensive background in art and fashion. Her attention to detail and love for luxury aesthetics led her to establish Smize Lash & Company.

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about Vee

A true lover of everything beauty, Vee Rudder is a certified makeup artist, with a career background as a M.A.C. Artist. She has built expert knowledge in makeup application, styling, and leading fashion and makeup trends. She loves quality and luxury, which is why she has such an innate sense for artistry and design. 


how smize was born

Smize Lash & Company's story begins with a life changing episode of America's Next Top Model. During one episode, the iconic supermodel Tyra Banks, coined the phrase Smize while teaching the models how to smile with their eyes. Who knew this term would influence the beginning of Smize Lash & Co.

Zuri and Vee met in a Fashion Design program at a postsecondary school in Toronto. Aside from fashion, they both had common interest in starting a lash brand. One day while Vee was doing Zuri's makeup for her birthday, Vee shared with Zuri that she was thinking of starting lash brand. Zuri mention, "Smize would be such a cute name for a lash company". Once Vee heard the name, something clicked and immediately they joined forces.

Smize Lash & Co's mantra is: "keep smizing”; meaning we stand by celebrating every doll and uplifting their confidence through our quality products. We strive to be all-inclusive by accentuating the beauty of every eye shape while supporting healthy lash care.

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