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How to cleanse and maintain your real and false lashes:

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Lash maintenance & care.

It’s true. Most girls destroy their lashes before giving them the life they deserve. We fall asleep in them, leaving them on your bf’s night stand…

But did you know if you properly maintained and cleansed your real lashes and your falsies regularly your lashes could be longer, stronger and your strips could last for more then 30 uses?

Its true!

Here’s a step by step pic-collage on how to restore and main your false lashes!

How to properly remove false lashes:

1. When removing your strip lashes always use a q-tip and dip it in your favourite makeup cleanser.

2. Rub the q-tip gently along your lash line.

3. Gently pull off one lash at a time from outer corner to inner corner.

4. Apply Smize Lash & Co. Vgean Lash Serum after removing your lashes or as a nightly routine.

Repeat daily or when needed. Never let your real and false lashes build up more than 2 weeks.

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