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The History behind Smize 2.0

If you’ve been a Smize Doll from day 1 you definitely remember our Doll Favourite: Smize. When we first launched our brand at the RAW artist showcase in February at MOD Club, we only had 3 styles: Full of Wisp, Whiplash, and Smize. Smize was definitely the most popular and most wanted. Selling out first we had to restock Smize ASAP!

Unfortunately, our supplier discontinued the style Smize. After months of trying many different lash styles we finally came across another mink lash that we felt met the requirements of smize but also taking note to feedback from other Dolls who have tried Smize.

Finally, we found Smize 2.0:

Smize 2.0 is lightweight and comfortable. Perfect for an everyday look. They appear natural and feathered, gradually getting longer toward the outer corner. Smize 2.0 is a little less dense then Smize making it even more suitable and wearable for all eye shapes!

If you’re a mink lover, you definitely have to try Smize 2.0 and see what the glow up is all

about! 🤩

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